Tile & Grout Cleaning

At Graychon Property Management our Tile & Grout Cleaning is second to none.

Our thorough and reliable staff tailor the cleaning to your requirements to give you back your precious time with your family and friends. When life has become as busy as it has, let Graychon take the worry of the hard cleans and tedious chores.

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning

Are you sick of stained, discoloured or mouldy tiles or grout? Is regular scrubbing not getting the results? Then contact Graychon Property Management today. We provide professional tile and grout cleaning along with steam cleaning in Melbourne Metro and Regional areas.

While regular scrubbing and cleaning can help in removing superficial soiling and build-up, penetrating the grout to remove stubborn discolouration can be extremely difficult. But not for us.

Benefits Of Tile & Grout Cleaning Through Truckmount System:

Our cleaners have the expertise and the commercial grade equipment necessary to get any tiles and grout back to pristine condition. We use truck-mounted high-temperature steam cleaners combined with high pressure cleaning to remove mould, mildew, staining and other discolouration from tiles, grout and other hard surfaces.

Once the tiles and grout has been cleaned, we recommend sealing the grout using a penetrating sealer. This penetrates the pores of the grout, creating a protective layer against soiling and discolouration.

We provide completely reliable services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Once the tiled is cleaned, we recommend sealing the grout lines using a penetrating sealer that fills in the pores of your grout. It creates a protective layer above the tiles and protects them against future spills, soiling, and discolouration. Once the grout sealer is applied, water/oil will bead up at the surface and dirt will be wiped off.

Service Provided:

Our tile and grout cleaning service gives you sparkling floors

We all vacuum and mop our floors on a regular basis, but this is not sufficient to keep the grout in top condition.

Graychon specialises in tile and grout cleaning services, where an industry-powered equipment is employed. We will remove the grime and heavy dirt build-up from your relief tiles and the grout between them, by applying advanced tile cleaning methods and professional detergents.

The tile cleaners are also equipped with special tools and

accessories, which are designed for use in small wet rooms and hard-to-reach places. So don’t struggle with scrubbing your shower room, when we can do this for you in no time.

Pro Tip:

Most tiles are porous, which means that using an acidic cleaner can damage them irreversibly over time. This is why it’s recommended to use a mild solution of water and dish soap for regular wiping, and professional tile steam cleaning twice a year.

Tile Cleaning Process on the Day of Your Service:

The tile and grout cleaners are fully trained to perform the service. Their professional approach ensures that the following process takes place:

  1. The cleaners put on suitable footwear (protective overshoes).
  2. The initial information about the size of the area that needs treating is confirmed again with precision.
  3. The cleaners also check the floors for possible loose or cracked tiles before they proceed with the tile cleaning job.
  4. If there is still furniture to be removed, they will help removing it, as long as there are not any heavy pieces involved. It’s generally recommended to get all the heavy things out of the way before the service occurs.
  5. The floors are treated with suitable detergent, which is agitated if necessary, prior to rinsing the area with a high-pressure and hot water cleaning machine.
  6. The moisture is then extracted along with the dissolved grime.
  7. You are left with sparkling floors again.

Did You Know:

Professional tile cleaners use safe work methods and tools, which allow them to clean more efficiently, using less scrubbing and without endangering their health.

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Need tile and grout cleaning? Our specialist team is available to help. We offer comprehensive carpet cleaning services across Melbourne Metro & Regional, from Torquay to the Mornington Peninsula to Yarrawonga to Bendigo and Ballarat and lots more.

If you’re looking for additional services, like office cleaning, rug or upholstery cleaning or carpet steam cleaning we can tailor an affordable custom cleaning package to suit your needs.

To find out more or book a clean, give our friendly team a call today on1300 487 253 ITS CLEAN or contact us through our online enquiry.

Client Testimonials

Our Quality Assurance

  • On time, every time!
  • Our reliable and dedicated staff provide a highly skilled professional service.
  • Our experienced and professional cleaners service a diverse property range.
  • Domestic 
  • Businesses
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Short Term Accommodation
  • Bed and Breakfasts
  • Schools
  • Display Homes
  • Builders Cleans
  • Vacate Cleans
  • Window Cleaning
  • Oven Cleaning
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning/Upholstery,Drapes/Cars Ect:
  • And even your Fridge or Microwave
  • We’ve even been known to clean wheelie bins, driveways, the list goes on.
  • Our friendly staff are equipped with everything required to leave your property sparkling clean. 
  • Almost all products are highest quality commercial grade equipment and products.

All staff are Police Checked and our full Public Liability Insurance of $20 million dollars has everything covered for your safety, security and peace of mind. Our value for money services are prompt, reliable, professional and produce quality results. We are happy to provide an accurate no obligation free quote at your home or place of business!

General Maintenance

We cover all your general property and handyman requirements from weeding to incidental repairs. Removalists booked, utilities organised, change of address, the list goes on! What a Graychon Property Management Service provides accommodates for Real Estate Agents who are becoming more vigilant with how a property is handed over.

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100% customer satisfaction 500
100% Customer Satisfaction
At Graychon Property Management we pride ourselves in the quality of our work and are dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction.
All Graychon staff have a Police Check and we have full Public Liability Insurance.
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100% Customer Satisfaction
Staff expertise
Staff Police Checks

The Team at Graychon have knowledge & experience in excess of 100 years in all areas of cleaning

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Our thorough and reliable staff tailor the cleaning to your requirements to give you back your precious time with your family and friends. When life has become as busy as it has, let Graychon take the worry of the hard cleans and tedious chores.


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100% customer satisfaction

We are dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction. All Graychon staff have a Police Check, and we have full Public Liability Insurance.


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Let Graychon Property Management prepare your Pre-Sale/End of Lease /Vacate Clean for you.

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